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by El Niño

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They called him megaman, dopest blue dude in the cyber land Original matrix all in the plans, hot damn like Morpheus called him Two pills: a digivice for a pokemon price Agumon out living that life such strife, to be in a battle with evil forces He-man, call Grayskull we got some choices The orange jumpsuit or the Sheng Gong Wu Full proof plan, Omi grab Gloves of Jisaku All these super saiyans think they got something on you But I nerf gun ‘em to the badlands Take the magic school bus back to the past again G eneration of animaniacs acting like they all that Rock ‘em sock ‘em bop ‘em, don’t talk smack Your shows are too regular, Toonami calls em mad wack Nick just slimed your series up, true fact 90’s smart raps Zoboomafoo, repeat that Saturday morning while you napping 21st apocalypse, they asking Chorus: Yo we doomed now, where the soul how? Did we lose the 90’s in our past crowds Yo we doomed now, where the soul how? Did we lose the 90’s in our past crowds? Do you remember those days with the pixels we played Gameboy consoles, impossible maze But they don’t make ‘em like they used to, man So raise your blue cannon, shots fired, Megaman Can you see it? Five pieces of Exodia like I’m fiending Call me Kenan, serving burgers wit pinkie and the brain behind counter scheming, why you ain’t thieving? Damn take our 90’s shows to show you some reason. We ain’t spilt in a catdog connection, your studios could really use this resurrection, aim your spirit guns, yu yu hakusho projection, But why you so obsessed wit being 90’s, 2012 all upgrading society, I’m too focused on nostalgic variety, we funnel all our actions into tech, find ourselves swimming deeper, introspect. Here’s some advice from your Recess exposure Tell ‘em 90’s made the real K.N.D. soldiers Our creativity, new world order Devastated, is that age over? Chorus: Yo we doomed now, where the soul how? Did we lose the 90’s in our past crowds Yo we doomed now, where the soul how? Did we lose the 90’s in our past crowds? Do you remember those days with the pixels we played Gameboy consoles, impossible maze But they don’t make ‘em like they used to, man So raise your blue cannon, shots fired, Megaman
OSIRIS 02:55
Alright check the flow, this is laceless Free bird from the nest, all wingtips New man, no boy, thank my last kiss From the lady with the lips, claim famous Made me grow up, never been the same since If the shoe fits then my sole so dangerous I step lite, quite right, scared to flame this I’d like to introduce my changed cadence Rock the blank labeled life, so nameless I’d like to say this, you can call me niño but I’m so ageless Grown from the ground up, all kicks, don’t tie me down by your rubric, Please let me swoop through, don’t let the sneaker tell you how to view you, its all voodoo, control and cold bliss, label me this and I’ll tell ‘em this is new isshh, oh so stitched. 2nd verse: Ears in the dream but my feet on the scene, Fingers made of ink and my soul nineteen Head in the clouds, with a hoodie held down So far you can make my headphones my crown I can breath tracks but I enjoy the drowning The things kept from you are sometimes astounding Air tastes better when your heart is a pounding My feet are abounding, my flavor alarming, Hermes resemblance oh so charming Feathered messenger kicks, just call me Hip-hop’s new UPS pick, with the on time mix And a heavy bass hit, with a borrowed beat to spit This art is such a label of corporate mischief I humbly board the nike swoosh cause I just do it All kicks, no tricks, Stomp flame, I’m LIT
Tagged Up 02:43
I ain’t laughing cause I am so graffiti, written on the walls of every membrane that ever felt sane enough to reframe me, Paint me a jumble of your tags to contain me, I’ve been sprayed on every Bronx building wall since I was a baby but lately my home’s made me crazy, craving to Piccasso myself and just be free, through the aqueducts, train stations, and the door keys, spilling in between your breath, death, and your coffee Caffeine’s free but I bet it’ll cost me, every nerve ending change cup homeless toss me, Synapse break the sleep cycle way too often, we insomniacs wake the lights from their coffins. The apple feeding worms, broken skin softened, negative beat from a NYC pulsing, it goes boom bop, boom bop, boom bop, I bounce the mac miller but it seems your not, I’m not a Pittsburgh kid but I’m still hot, Pit needed new ingredients so I melting pot, brought the flavor and the hot rocks, burned these words to a crisp, mom look what I got, A brand new mission with the vocab spitting, as if this was my new direction from the sandlot, damn Pops I didn’t realize we were cereal killing but I lost track of meals after feeding all the children They go where’s the rest of these rhymes you be stewing, brewing, unveiling for our viewing pleasure whenever we get tired of these rap heads giving pressure, They’re buried deep down after losing muse because I left her. Made me scare all of my songbirds away like Sylvester, "Well sir I’m sorry to hear your view on life is unusual due to changing climates of heart, But its suitable to re-jumpstart the art." So collect your spray cans and your paintbrush swatches, were going through town to find our fingers offspring springing forth from our minds cement gardens. I never claimed to be pardoned for my destiny, But that’s why I’m so graffiti, they never know where to paint me so they save me, silently stored in every NYC design as a baby So come find me…
Lineage 02:34
Chomp, chomp, bite, bite, swallow this, little kid with a flow that just won’t fit Open wide, take a gulp, inhale, exhale, Try your ears if you really don’t feel well I’ve been known to be taken a little ill In my sickness I’ve gained the written details Supposed to flow to the beat for the wholesale But I say oh well, mic me, I do swell Up like a weather balloon, so tell ‘em all soon, If you see me flying high, I developed some zoom To the moon and back, I backpack some niño status Like my Puerto Rican fitted cap And that’s that, clear throat, back on track Call it rap? All I really know is words, But I string them to the third, find a beat to make it work, Is this writing just absurd? If I change one word, does it change one style? If I call myself niño, will I be a child? Or a man to the thousands? Two changes one, equates massive And the dividends are crowded But I’m a loud kid, slightly bashful, Hard to hear cause the cavities are a mouthful So my mouth is doubtful, gummy sound check Throat carved, lips wet, life’s too sweet so I ate it And I aided it, added and subtracted it, do the math to locate the places where I savor it, but sometimes I fall through the cracks just to reach the pit made a deal with my ladder to escape it So I’m on my third assembly line, Fixing up the parts, renovating, redefining mine And I ain’t got time, ask mi abuelo, We all lose things after birth says hello And goodbye, my life’s all threes, so give me fives Ain’t making sixteens but I multiple rhymes The math of time has been silently written on my mind Cause I’m living nineteen and my future’s real young I’m growing up fast but my path’s been sung Yet the beat’s not done, premonition in tongues, Just remembered I was feeding my son! Knock, knock deja-vu in the first verse, found my child eating chomp chomp after his birth I’m a man already, lost the passion of time, Fell ill, never recorded rhymes Soon they’ll call me abuelo, birth says goodbye, death says hello Handing me a halo, where did the flame go? Thought I was fire but I’m 45 years old… Time is birth, life, death threefold, lost track, can’t go back, no restart that I know. Oh no, say peace to my modern day flow
Breathe 03:04
I live for the pen and the paper made stem, vineyard crawling up the walls of this mental picture, I write like a paper made crane origami sprouting wings from the envelope that has found me, niño in a state of fright from flowing lyrics that encase me, face me, wait for thee, words tumbling from the tree, wouldn’t know it was me, a strict class taker, no D, for demons that surround me, stealing words from my teeth carved, war bound mouth too overgrown to harvest where my lost thoughts is, I’m a writer for the closed throat, chokehold, death stroke, noise from a classroom on its last note, singing out asthma through a cottonmouth, words hold no doubt, if you find confidence in my sleeves, you’ll know I hid it there just to keep my hands free Still a baby, cause lately the adult in me left me, fed some wisdom then deserted like his last son, son of chance, son of inspiration just to stab him with his nightly crooked laugh, the laughter, the banter, the stomping feet and the writing there after, I’m a shadow caster to the stage, a rhyming ape for the masses, write to keep transparent dreams fastened. 2nd Verse: And last life I strived wear my headphones tight, cause nothing beats the mic but sound waves flow the iris sight, everything from the spark to the flame burn bright don’t matter what a rhythm boasts, I just sit back and write free, shoot sky high and keep the clouds blocking demise, cuz I see stars in front of paperback eyes. I’m sure its likewise. Make your script a reality, find poetic god flight, strive to paint his picture right, fight battles for degrees, break the print killing trees, sell a book to the kids, give your mom a belief, let your father give relief. Your future’s in your hands kid, never let the past generations contain where your plans is…Live Free or deathly to the grave you leave, find me cause word play is breathe free.
Light Brain 02:51
1, 2 387 got the 3, 4 El Niño coming through your floor, excuse me el piso, 5, 6 este un chico with a lingo, I wanna see the world like a little kid sees a free throw, no science, no angles, no skill, just magic, poof and we map it. Decipherable anomalies, you think you can hack it? Man this flow is so ratchet, went all commando even clank couldn’t handle it. I’m no cat in the hat but so suess talented, you swear I trained a platypus to use a freaking abacus. Mi idioma so disastrous, I’m kinda pissed, all this hard work for a light brain trip. Well call this light brain then, rapping with a flow made of puffs and sugarcane meng. Broke all the bulbs rocking in the mental, prove my ideas aren’t so central. Ideas are mass medial centipedes chilling with the pelicans knocking church bell knees. But I guess we all have to feed, starts with a light rooted in a coqui’s feet. See I come from the jungle marked none shall pass so I just read Aesop’s fables till we crash, burn and alas a new phoenix shows up all in tact. Feathered quills for the task, a tigress out of grasp, and a snake skin suit just to last. Oh check out the cash, monopoly gorillas walking past, but this niño found that shit in the trash, how else could the million dollar pigs be so vast? Well, it’s just a question, cause I’ve been sitting here guessing, twiddling my thumbs counting down 525,600 seconds; damn I mean minutes. What’s with all the gimmicks? Just tell me how to live my life, question. Nah the beat came from question so if I’m spittin’, is it answer or lesson? Man screw it, someone call the batman, heard he’s real good with this psychotic kind of land. But if knowledge is passed through the ages then the Huntress got this down like sages. Stop the Vedic hymns dude; Schaecher said Vedas were revealed to me too. A state of higher consciousness is light brain, find me in nirvana under trees, Siddhartha came, told me everything, all about the heavenly things. Trying not to fall on these paper-thin wings but the line between realms has me slipping, tripping, falling. Just a short drop from cloud nine, a feeding frenzy below blasting Oh My!, So much crated soul, I have nothing for the music but old scrolls. Take my arms for your quilled testaments and find my light split just like the rest of ‘em. Following my path to your ear’s lair, breath in between your palm’s air. I always find myself denying what’s really there.
El Niño: I’m on the run from these beats Like I don’t know me, don’t know home, don’t know the sound to be See me is just a little bit three, age identity Triplicate mystery but I Scooby doo my way like a real OG Overarching Goal complex, let the rhyme talk for me Jaw’s already loose from the bones of my history Had some beats for breakfast, meet my cook, his name’s AG He’s the one done set the beats on me Door to door flaunting my talent just barely Oh please carefully, tip toe round me, Found the monster under bed, said he ain’t scared of me Not one bit, so I changed and split Pulled my soul from my hip and showed ‘em my roar just to prove I could spit embers all over their matchbox kits Straight Ferrari tuned in the pit 3,2,1 and we jumped the referees’ gun bite the bullet cause I’m wanted like Angelina’s son Freeman freed me so I aim straight Writing death notes so I’ll never let Ryuk wait Wait, wait but what should I run from? Only a red giant but the numbers are some sum Made 387 from a 19 year old Sun Nowhere near my prime till the supernova come Put me on the run, Mickey Knox look what I’ve done! Natural born killer, ripped the womb, undone I’m three threads long, Greek fates, I become A life long threat, this breath needs one lung Coughed up the other, take a souvenir brother Don’t need two to decimate like Mayweather Asthmatic featherweight but the voice rapid-fire state Burn the studio down, guess phoenix couldn’t wait
Hey, yeah let me get a chicken finger wrap, Wait nah actually let me get a burger, Yeah with, Nah You know what Yeah… Chicken fingers and some fries please It’s a meal and points, no please don’t lie to me I got backups set up, shout out, his name’s Donny We could make a happy wok night if you’re hungry But they closed already, and I got a Pizzaz craving Creepy dude comes to the door but I’m starving Say what up to my dudes in the courtyard zoning fingers half frozen I’m number 3 but always last in the cool scenes Killed some pterodactyls with a foam sword, such ease It’s been a long damn semester of these high B’s But these A’s never coming cause we ain’t an Ivy I wanna transfer some days, take a train to the cities Find a way to combine my experience with Philly But SEPTA’s so far, 6 bucks, are you kidding me? Nah… Welcome to every member of my Swat team The way we bust doors like were pacing our parties The pubs still open, do we dance? Oh hardly Who needs it when you sing Closing Time so softly? I heard it from McCage, sounded people in a rage, But it’s just the fire department horn doing its thing It’s a long list of the things were accustomed to Pasta Bar tastes gourmet, well that’s number 2 To the 387, Quaker established but my voice is a weapon bring the O.A.S.I.S. when I step in, reppin’ my phoenix like Parrish always comes back from its last match lit Been through the fire and the flames Call it Pass/Fail pain Or a Haverford love game Playing these emotions by a Tri-Co girl same name, different land, different age This is how a man is made A concoction of my experience and deliverance But Swatties always overthink what the reason is Here it is, we are all sawkward, say word To the days that are blurred And the genius’ that we were I don’t even need to diss Bryn Mawr or Haverford Cause we all know we stir up in the near future So I tip my mic to every Swattie who is bumping this I made it for you, hope it tastes better than your last Sharples dish El Niño riding through with the new isshh, I think they say its delishhhh…
1st Verse: If this is of the soul I should prove it Call every wind chime, tornado to breath through it Send throngs of air shooting into my palms bare, Collecting back all the pieces of my soul I’ve left here and there, Girls filled with three words, farthest reaches of Puerto Rico where my slang is slurred, and in the final all-connecting piece buried deep, in a city nerd. A story to be heard, listen!: Decisions, made everyday apocalyptic Revisions, to paint a portrait of repetition My soul is confused; it keeps skipping Off beat from the heart of a man with a lyric Lived a triplicate life of no equal division Three heartbreaks, last sent me to remission Three art forms I be spitting Poetry, rap, when can I start singing? Chorus: This is something of a niño speech, The lyrics here, lull me down to sleep Easy This is something of a niño speech, The lyrics here, lull me down to sleep Easy In my dreams, I am man one day But here we say growing is the only way So sing little man until night break day Let me hear you say, let me hear you change: 2nd Verse: Growing up I recognized the beauty of a fountain Mesmerized by the colors of this mountain Met her eyes behind green, astounding Sounding like lies colored waterfalls all along This is how a little boy justifies a bloody song Yet every rainbow loses its twilight And every girl fades back to the limelight What kind of hopeless romantic doesn’t fly kites? Just to see if in the rain he can find flight, Electricity has a beauty unlike any other To reassure you that you feel pain for a lover Who is the true artist always writing here? Repetitious fate has my love strung in the air Caught in the color laced stitches of an angel Angels aren’t real, quit reading fables Accept yourself as an answer if you’re able Chorus: This is something of a niño speech, The lyrics here, lull me down to sleep Easy This is something of a niño speech, The lyrics here, lull me down to sleep Easy In my dreams, I am man one day But here we say growing is the only way So sing little man until night break day Let me hear you say, let me hear you change.
El Niño: Up now, dumb sound?, jazz step, stepping crowd, masses for the flesh revolution, The poets round, knock knock, mac miller’s home, zone where the Donald trumps got shot down, 99% of the crowd, rocking glocks gone, how? Eruption in the fairgrounds, occupy my hometown, been painting sound bloody since the 90’s grunge mound, digging good music for the earlobe, zero tracks sold but my back’s still bone, my spine cord shown, to be more resilient then the batman’s own. Grown, with equal amounts of this melanin, share a meal of my exoskeleton, brain spilt in the wine to mix with the pen again, drunken stomach thoughts, leave the premise, word vomit so hot the music is genesis, tell a (skert) no words so venomous, el nino such a gentleman And were all gentle men, making so much noize, so you can tell a friend, and they can tell a friend, how we comprehend Noize fam is a death thing till the end, Coffin all the lyricism, phoenix all the criticism, demand success in the ashes of your cynicism, Not above religion but my words ascend mysticism, hot music like I cooked the rhythm, served it up, (ding) and we eat like fat pigs starving under solace of eclipse so big, gotta get hot before you equate to the next heard thing, supernova hot, big bang we starlings Big Bang, we starlings Big Bang, we starlings Telescope cinema, and we starring
It’s the tick tock, tick tock, tick tock ticker, snapped the time bomb to make his brain all bitter. BOOM! A deceiving subject of excuses to count how many words it takes to tighten nooses. Loosened, a screw from his lost memory banks Slipped into the cages of these animals and shanks Who are we now? Only carcasses with vocal chords, spare my body, my tongue truly deserves the sword This is dark brain, dark brain, dark brain, dark brain A reason for the violence and all the bodies slain If lyrics are redemption, consider my throat saved Only for the music does my cerebellum drain. Putrid, bile of slang thrown languages, an art form made pop for techno savages I’m averaging a neuron a minute Accepting the world with no one in it My eyes have seen the light and hidden "You think the darkness if your ally?" No, I feel I’ve lost time with all these light rhymes Sprinkled the broken bulb glass across cloud nine Watch these rappers fall from heaven to dark lives I want to see the world like expression Chest heaving, grasping for definition Allow me to make the first incision Ideas trickle down like blood looking for a mission On your knees, praying everyone contrition Yet if states of higher consciousness are dark brain Find me in an alley with a Kurt Cobain stain Gotham truly does invite pale clowns made insane Ask me how I got my scars, El Hombre won’t say Stitched lips, blame the rich pigs, soaking in their filth on MTV cribs These penguin walkers have found solace in cheap bling So much happy feet their balance is lost every time they sing 525, 600 hours to play a game without renting Tetris towers build your empire for King Kong to climb the alleyway rats can’t reach such high times scramble my rhymes, porridge for the lost nine Pittacus find siblings, am I really one of a kind? Because I’m starting to find a significant legacy Is murder a choice for a boy split personality? Pull teeth shaped like quills for the autopsy Lodged where he bit body to find words hidden skin deep These ideas have been running through veined streets Where is my funeral for all the stitches I keep? What a spectacle, this boy is losing his mind on a pedestal Cut in half, do the math, I don’t care half as much as getting your cash, This artistry is consuming, enhancing my tendency to be confusing If all this mess resembling zooing, then I locked myself with the lion of my own doing You want extravagance or to revisit Bob Marley, to share cannabis I call you blasphemous, I’d rather reenter my own soul, a journey through thalamus I risk ambulance but I’d rather take my chances with the platypus That is quite analogous for my path, henceforth from your analysis
Bend so hard fire nation wanna find me, but first four elemental I be. What's vision to an earth bender, Toph on metal here, please refine me. Bend so hard, that shit cray. Y'all don't know that Katara taught me. Fire Nation could be built in 100 years but I come out the ice like shit don't phase me. Bend so hard, Zuko clear. Your sister ain't s'pose to be here. Bend so hard, I fly air. It's only right that I be heir. Nomad, I'm known to, go spirit mad. Take your pick, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, not bad. Bend so hard. Got a flying bison, sand benders even tried to fight him. Scared like he’s on the horizon? Only Piandao makes you look so grim like Bend so hard you thought I was dying, but I came back wit Zuko fighting, my team stacked up, you thought I was lying. Just take some notice, from the white lotus. Bend so hard. Made a whole city, in the center, got a statue of me. Who you think they revering lately? Had my time now Korra daily, fight Republic City, such a fly lady, Asami think she got Mako, maybe. But Amon, reaping bending, so crazy, But check out the skills of Tenzin’s babies Whoop that ass, air nation repaid me. I am the avatar. Who can enslave me? Put you on guard, like I bend so hard, aint nobody spar, cause I’m four nations in charge. Forgot I could do that, Aang must remind me Spiritual beings, all avatars, one body, No chi it cost me, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, rapping just a hobby.


This mixtape has been a year long effort trying to examine myself as growing artist from childhood to adolescence to (an imagined) adulthood. This project spans the topics of NYC, nerdiness, my 90's youth, love, Swarthmore College, some dark times, and this artistry I have decided to dedicate my life to. Try your best to listen to it in order because it really does tell a story I want to share with you all. This is only the beginning and I hope you will all stay on this journey with me.


released November 13, 2012

I truly and fully want to thank some major people for being there during the process of this work:

-My father for adding his voice as well as his support as a parent dealing with a son who wants to be an artist in this tough world.
-My mother for just being her unquestioning loving self. Love you Mami.
-Sam Stevens for seriously listening to anything and everything I asked her to and never saying she was busy. You have been my biggest supporter.
-AG for starting me on this musical journey, couldn't have done this if you hadn't inspired me and continue to inspire me with your talent.
-Frankie for letting me use Bernard Productions Studio lol, always much appreciated but always less so than your love dude. Brother from another mother.
-Steve (Toussaint2Cool) for truly telling me that he could turn me into a rapper and if I can be honest, I think he succeeded. Much love man.
-Ju-thefuck-an Randall, what else can I say besides you know what you do for me man. You are one selfless human being and don't ever forget it. Not to mention you got lyrical talent for ages.
-Brian Foster (Charlie) for seriously showing me what true dedication to something is and building something from nothing. Noize will be big man and you are going to lead us there.
-Dilcia (Dilc) you are a dope lyricist, do not forget that and yes I will keep asking you for dope verses homie.
-Beth freaking Johnson for being the best slam poet on Swarthmore's campus. Thank you for letting me share your talent through this mixtape.


all rights reserved



387 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

^Toussaint2Cool / El Niño^

We are 387 disastering beats Holocaust 9/11
Working Hard cause we wanna Experience Heaven

Just Give Us a Listen, You won't Regret it

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